Im so close to having 200 followers// I might do a little giveaway or somethingg

MTMTE Rodimus, 19.

I went with Rodimus’s all time favorite hatimage

Now I have to pay for shipping again. OTL So, I will probably wait till you have made a few more? Shipping per sticker decreases that way. (And, also, if you make more, I want more of them. :) ) Oh! Ambulon sticker. So I have something to cry about. Pretty please. :o

omg yeah i know the Redbubble junk is lame! and Dont worry I’ll defenatly be making more stickers! I’ll put Ambulon on my check list!

He is such a cutie. uvu (I was buying stickers, on Redbubble, like a week ago. And then you made a Mags sticker. :< )

I named my car after Ultra Magnus //nervous laughter not kidding

But honestly I just wanted MTMTE stickers so I could put them on things but I’m glad people like them!!!

Ya I'm asking if Chromedome and Rewind would be drawn together, I wanna see my OTP happy! =^^=

yEs okay ill defenatly try and do that cause god bless Cromedome/Rewind

Imagine poor Mags knowing that we were sitting here, laughing at his predicament.

omfg yeah he’d get all mad and yell at us but be embarrassed or something
//kisses Magsss he a cutie

Would you ever think of doing a Chromedome/Rewind or Drift sticker?? I would totally buy that!

I would totally make stickers of all of them!! I tried making a Drift one earlier but I couldn’t draw him right/// Ill try again sooner or later. But I’d def do a Cromedome and Rewind sticker/ are you asking if they would be together as a sticker or separate stickers?? But yes I’d totally do that theyre my babies

You should be sorry; I started laughing loudly!

i was laughing while drawing that so its okay

Aw, look! So shiny. :)

not shiny enough….image

Wait, I regret it! Please patch him up again! D:


Ultra Magnus (or Minimus Ambus), 17.


did 17 say beaten up or practically dead…// i get the two confused„

Decided to make a Whirl sticker next cause I tried to draw Drift and it was bad.. You can get this sticker on my Redbubble HERE

Also threw together a little Lost Light sticker which is on Redbubble now as well HERE

Mags sticker done and up on my Redbubble HERE

Should I make a Drift, Whirl, or Cyclonus sticker next?