Yay I finally got some of my MTMTE stickersss!! And more are to come! You can get them HERE

Yay I finally got some of my MTMTE stickersss!! And more are to come! You can get them HERE

this sticker is gonna be the death of me

Finally got another sticker done!! and hey its Cyclonus// Is it sad that when I first started reading MTMTE that I strongly disliked him and now I love him with all my heart goodbYE// You can get my sticker HERE

First doodle in my new sketch book is everyone’s favorite grump medic

nnnnext sticker WIP// this is probably going to take me forever because im sick and feel like scrap

*Bleeding to death on the floor* It... Was... Worth... It... (Sheesh Rodimus; You need to learn how to take a compliment!)

No matter what, if a captain’s hat is involved, Rodimus will always be grumpy 

Can I marry Optimus Prime?

Aw, Rodimus looks so good in that hat! He should wear it more often. :p (His expression is perfect. )


What may or may not the giveaway give away? :o

well I have 200 followers now so im gonna do it// i just gotta get around to doing it// plus i dont know how to go about it because ive never done a giveaway before// BUT the thing im probably gonna give away is my Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus prime poster from the movie theater i work at//

Im so close to having 200 followers// I might do a little giveaway or somethingg

MTMTE Rodimus, 19.

I went with Rodimus’s all time favorite hatimage

Now I have to pay for shipping again. OTL So, I will probably wait till you have made a few more? Shipping per sticker decreases that way. (And, also, if you make more, I want more of them. :) ) Oh! Ambulon sticker. So I have something to cry about. Pretty please. :o

omg yeah i know the Redbubble junk is lame! and Dont worry I’ll defenatly be making more stickers! I’ll put Ambulon on my check list!

He is such a cutie. uvu (I was buying stickers, on Redbubble, like a week ago. And then you made a Mags sticker. :< )

I named my car after Ultra Magnus //nervous laughter not kidding

But honestly I just wanted MTMTE stickers so I could put them on things but I’m glad people like them!!!

Ya I'm asking if Chromedome and Rewind would be drawn together, I wanna see my OTP happy! =^^=

yEs okay ill defenatly try and do that cause god bless Cromedome/Rewind

Imagine poor Mags knowing that we were sitting here, laughing at his predicament.

omfg yeah he’d get all mad and yell at us but be embarrassed or something
//kisses Magsss he a cutie